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A word from YNI representative Corey

Encounter and decisive factor with "Seggie"

Everyone will be hurt to see the reality that many ecosystems are being destroyed by a consumer society that has gone too far in search of convenience.
Since I was a student, my consciousness has changed, and I have lived by incorporating ideas into my life.
For example, try vegetarians (now I eat birds, fish, and jibie. I’ll will elaborate about this on another occasion ^ ^)
I choose a life without a car (and haven’t got a driver’s license yet)
I try living without using the air conditioner (I haven’t installed one in my house), etc.
This also causes trouble for others and family members.
Meanwhile, I came across this plant when the problem of disposable plastics began to worsen.
From a close friend who was fascinated by Seggie in Vietnam and decided to start a manufacturing company immediately
I was invited to do it together
I also went to the site and checked it with my own eyes.
The deciding factor was the expansion of awareness of global social issues.
Review of the law accompanying it
A tremendous amount of straw consumption (about 2 billion straws in the world every day!)
And it is possible only in South Vietnam, which has all the elements of the natural environment.
Also, I felt strongly that I would like to make a more concrete impact by making use of the bond with the partner who invited me to this project and my experience so far.

Corey Turpin

The more you forget about sustainability, the more "good things" you normally get

Think twice about aiming for a sustainable world through business and products. Make things and buy things.
Provide and use services.
Of course, the influence of business and products is great
A life that can only contribute in that way
Financial margin
Mind, etc.
There is also.
It is a very effective way to think “from what you can do to the spirit” without incorporating major changes into your life.
It is a very effective way to think “from what you can do to the spirit” without incorporating major changes into your life.
The old-fashioned way of life, the modern people who live in a way that suits nature, and the seniors prove this with their actions.
We need the cooperation of companies, the private sector, the government, and everyone.
We also need to consider the main factors behind the current state of affairs that have been on the road to destruction.
Surprisingly, in addition to politics and economy, we also ask about traditions, religions, customs, security, and what is intellect.
Then, what is the goodness of the product? I think it is a “trigger” other than problem solving.
Ethical or sustainable
Until now, there was a “hard” image
It seems that many people think that the threshold is high.
It can be hot for interested people, but for the general public
Does not come to a pinch
Doesn’t come into my head
Difficult to put into life
It isnt fun
To be honest, it’s annoying
It doesn’t change anyway
I tend to think.
If that happens, it ends up in a niche.
Originally it should be the basis of everyone’s life.
More fun
Easy to participate
cool looking
I think that society will change considerably if it is said.
It will become even more important in the future, and I would like to keep this in mind when developing my business.
Seggie is certainly very sustainable
I want you to feel that it is a “good thing” so that you will forget about it when you use it.
I hope it will give you an opportunity to reconsider your consumption habits.

Straws spin

Cooperation and fusion, not conflict

When it comes to business, “competition” is inevitable.
Thanks to competition, people grow and become stronger
It’s also a lesson that will familiarize you with the unsweetened world.
However, when this competition becomes a “conflict”, it can be counterproductive.
While the world is moving in the right direction in many ways,
Conflicts and polarization are also increasing now.
Even in the sustainable realm, as long as the conflict continues, the sustainable future will only be far away.
Again, we need everyone’s strength to improve the global environment.
Regarding manufacturing and sales
I would like to see a fusion of new and old that incorporates past teachings and humane approaches while conducting experiments that make full use of innovation and incentives at the national and local levels for the future.

Cheapness is not really cheap.

From now on, Japan will start to change its consciousness and law.
Things I never thought of before
The services that I used to take for granted have also changed.
For example, the idea that even one straw should be cheap will change.
This is because, of course, it is better for business owners and consumers to be cheap, but considering the externality (influence to the outside) that comes with the cheapness, it is not really cheap.
It takes a huge amount of money and labor to clean the polluted environment again, and eventually, it will be a burden on the individual again.
If multifaceted and sustainable things like Seggie become the standard
It will lead to the advancement of the circular economy.
You can close the gap between urban and rural life a little.
There is also a gap between people with different values.
In other words, unity.
I would be happy if I could contribute to that.
In terms of industry as well, I think we can make a bigger and more concrete impact if we can enjoy raising the level of the entire scene like a flower shop or craft beer in the neighborhood where we can cooperate more in the future.
When drinking with Seggie, I would be happy if you could feel a little gentle.
It would be great if you could feel some change in yourself after drinking it.

Corey Turpin
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