About Kokusai Supply

About us
Unified import/export trader organization

What is Kokusai Supply

At Kokusai Supply, we provide a wide range of services. All with one goal. To lower the cost of import by unifying importers under one organization. Services we provide for our members are:

  • Shared sales platform (E-commerce store)
  • Shared customer database
  • Product storage and handling
  • Shared international shipments
  • Customs handling
  • Customer support (phone and mail)
  • Event organization

Combined resources

While individual importers keep struggling with the rising inflation and limited reach by their location and resources, members of the alliance can benefit from each other by sharing information collaborating on sales and marketing schemes. Members of Kokusai Supply can expect a significant cost reduction and increased revenue.

About Kokusai Supply

Join the Alliance

Kokusai Supply has an open-door policy for anyone interested in joining our alliance. However, to become a member of Kokusai Supply, one must meet the following three points:

  • Applicant must be a registered business under Japanese law
  • The importer must have permission in writing from the manufacturer to sell the product in Japan.
  • Applicants must sell at least one unique product of which they are the sole importer.

Start your application

If your business meets all points, please contact us by clicking the button below to start the application progress.

For additional questions or comments contact us at info@kokusaisupply.com

About Kokusai Supply


As part of the alliance, your voice will be decisive in which direction Kokusai Supply is taking. Whether it is new functionality on our e-commerce platform or an expansion of our logistic capabilities your voice will be heard.

Together we work to a better tomorrow.

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