Artemis Green MINT (Day) 8% CBD Oil 10ml

From ¥6,491 incl. tax

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Artemis Green CBD oil is made locally in Japan with only the purest and highest quality of ingredients.

Artemis Green MINT is an 8% CBD oil made from the highest quality CBD isolate combined with the best MCT (refined coconut oil) and organic Japanese Mint oil to create a truly simple yet natural minty CBD product which contains no additives or flavorants.

MCT oil is known to have many many positive effects, one of which being energization, we recommend Artemis GREEN for use in the daytime. In combination with CBD, MCT helps you feel energized yet less stressed and anxious.

For a better and deeper sleep however, we instead highly recommend trying Artemis Green DREAMTIME; containing Hemp oil to help relax and improve your sleep.

Artemis Green MINT can also be added to drinks (as well as alcoholic beverages*) as well as foods – we recommend adding them to somewhat oily/fatty drinks and foods however as CBD is oil-soluble.

You can find the Artemis Green oils in some of Fukuoka’s best cocktail bars (for example Citadel), where they are used to make amazingly delicious and relaxing cocktails.


Our CBD products contain NO THC and are prepared in full compliance with Japanese health and product regulations.

Sustainability labelsOrganic
Eco labels100% Natural
Type of productCBDオイル
Product weight41g
Product dimensions
Length 2.1
Width 2.1
Height 8
Country of originJapan
Prefecture of originFukuoka
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
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