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Eatpastry FAQ

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Is Eatpastry certified organic?

No Eatpastry is not certified organic; however, they do use organic cane sugar.

Are the sugars used in Eatpastry vegan?

Yes, the cane sugar they use is not filtered through bone char and is 100% vegan.

Are Eatpastry products Non-GMO?

Yes! All of the Eatpastry products are verified Non-GMO by The Non-GMO Project. Click the link below to learn more about GMOs

How long does cookie dough last in the refrigerator? Can I freeze it?

An expiration date is located on the bottom of each container and will taste best if eaten before that date. Freezing it prolongs the shelf life to over a year, and it will still taste great if you eat it right from the freezer too!

Is the cookie dough safe to eat raw?

Yes! The cookie dough is made without eggs and with heat-treated flour, making it safe to eat raw.

Does Eatpastry use heat-treated flour?

Yes, they do! Because of this, the cookie dough is safe to eat raw!

How long will the cookie dough last after opening?

Once you crack the seal, we recommend eating the cookie dough within 3-4 weeks. The dough can become less moist after being open for 4 weeks. Be sure to reseal the tub tightly each time you put it in the fridge.

Are there high-altitude baking instructions?

Yes, the cookies (especially the gluten-free variety) tend to bake very flat at high altitudes. To prevent this, you can add more flour to the dough (about a 1/2 cup). You can also try baking at a higher temp (195 C) for less time (6-8 minutes).

Eatpastry uses palm fruit oil. Isn’t that bad?

It’s only ‘bad’ if it is sourced unethically, and we are entirely against that! Earth Balance (Eatpastry’s supplier) has taken a firm stand against unethically and unsustainably sourced palm oil. Any palm oil used in Earth Balance products comes from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) member organizations committed to environmentally and socially responsible palm oil production and are certified to the RSPO Mass Balance certification system.

What is the oil blend Eatpastry uses?

Eatpastry uses Soy-free Earth Balance.

What about cross-contamination with dairy or eggs?

There is no risk of cross-contamination as all the equipment is dedicated to the delicious vegan cookie dough products from Eatpastry!

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