Food Safety │ Self-Prevention Why is it necessary?

What is food poisoning?

Food poisoning is when a person becomes ill or develops a serious illness due to a toxic substance, bacteria, or a virus when consuming food. The most common symptoms of food poisoning are vomiting or nausea, diarrhea, and fever. There is a difference in the time to onset of symptoms and the severity. ⁽¹


Bacterial food poisoning can be prevented by keeping bacteria from adhering to food, preventing the growth of bacteria, and reducing the number of bacteria on food and utensils. Reduce the number of bacteria on food and utensils. In today’s busy society, prevention is often neglected in the pursuit of shortening the time required for cooking. Also, please be careful about the hygiene management of cooking utensils such as scissors, kitchen knives, and cutting boards, which tend to be left unattended. Routinely cleaning your storage shelves and refrigerator is highly recommended.

People who eat seafood frequently should be aware of the following


Food poisoning caused by Anisakis is a problem that cannot be separated from the Japanese diet and food culture, in which a large amount of raw fish is consumed. Anisakis is a problem that cannot be separated from the Japanese diet and food culture. Anisakis, a linear animal, is a type of parasite that lives in the internal organs of fish and shellfish. Anisakis is a parasite that lives in the internal organs of seafood but migrates to the muscles when the fish dies and loses freshness due to high storage temperatures. Removing the internal organs while the seafood is still fresh reduces the risk of Anisakis migrating to the meat.

Source: Wikipedia

In Europe, freezing is mandatory for raw seafood. Since 1968, Dutch law has stipulated that herring should be frozen at -20℃ for at least 24 hours before cooking. This process has reduced the number of anisakiasis cases. Anisakiasis is the most common form of food poisoning caused by anisakiasis. While seafood vendors need to take precautions to prevent food poisoning from anisakis, it is also essential to take precautions when preparing seafood at home, such as when buying or purchasing seafood. It is also important to take the proper precautions to prevent food poisoning when preparing and purchasing seafood. Using vinegar, salt, or other methods known to be effective in killing anisakiasis does not guarantee the prevention of food poisoning. Anisakis food poisoning cannot be wholly prevented.

Is food pollution a thing of the past?

The term “food pollution” describes the adverse health effects of chemicals commonly mixed with food during production, processing, and distribution. The term “food pollution” came widely after World War II, when the Japanese economy was rapidly developing.

The five major food pollutions that are well-known in Japan are not a thing of the past, there are still people suffering from sequelae, and in some cases, their children have also suffered serious health problems. In recent years, processed foods that are convenient and tasty have become available at low prices, and companies have started to add additives to their products to extend shelf lives to meet the needs of consumers. To meet the needs of consumers, such as longer expiration dates and cheaper prices companies have been adding additives to their products and started neglecting food safety.

These days most toxic factors are legally regulated. Still, some coloring substances and food additives remain in a gray area. However, some colorants and food additives are in a gray area. In the long run, excessive consumption cannot be guaranteed to be safe. ⁽²

Foods that are not processed properly can be a source of health hazards.

It is essential to choose foods you can trust and not be misled by such health and beauty benefits claims, etc. It is important to choose trustworthy food products without being misled by such health and beauty benefits claims.

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