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New item! Cacaosuyo’s mission is to produce the best chocolate in Peru

New item!

Cacaosuyo’s mission is to produce the best chocolate in Peru by seeking out rare and undiscovered cacao varieties from across the country and rescuing those Cacao fruits that were thought to be lost. All of Cacaosuyo’s Chocolate is harvested, processed, and made in Peru from single origin, native varieties.

Cacaosuyo RUPA RUPA 100% Chocolate

“Rupa Rupa” is the name given to the selection of different cacao from the Upper Amazon – Peruvian Jungle region, a blend of native beans. This surprisingly mellow 100% bar enjoys a smooth melt and a profile full of stoned fruits. It has a fantastic length with a nice roasted finish. The careful selection and the low-temperature roasting of the cacao bean are key for this 100% chocolate. Unsweetened and delicate with subtle notes of red fruits and a long, toasty finish with no astringency at all.

ダークチョコレート 70g

Cacaosuyo PIURA SELECT 70% Chocolate

It is made with ”White cocoa bean” from the Piura Region. The Piura Select is a bar of very intense fruitiness and is all tropical notes like mango and passion fruit, lively and refreshing. A nutty background of almonds, a milk/cream note that adds just the right sweetness, and a final with citrus notes.

ダークチョコレート 70g

Cacaosuyo LAKUNA 70% Chocolate

This bar celebrates rare cacao hidden in the Peruvian Amazon region, made with rare Criollo varieties full of floral and pronounced fruity flavors, ripe bananas, green grapes, green olives. It’s green, vegetal, and sour, perfect for the palates looking for some higher astringency and lovers of adult notes. This is a bar filled to the brim with flavors, but it will not overpower you with bold aromas. It is smooth, complex, and delicate. – the chocolate is also called real autumn chocolate.

ダークチョコレート 70g

Cacaosuyo CUZCO 80% Chocolate

Chuncho cacao are those native cacaos from the Quillabamba valley in the Cuzco region. Although they are all yellow-colored cocoa pods, they are very different in shapes, sizes, and flavors. They are made with a blend of Cacao Varieties from the jungle-rich, lower part of the Cuzco region, which offers a diverse range of flavor profiles. Only the naturally sweeter varieties have been chosen to produce an 80% bar that tastes naturally and surprisingly sweet, with minimal added sugar content. Mild and flavorful cacao native to Cuzco yields an 80% bar naturally sweeter than most. Slight fruitiness slowly fades into a lingering fresh, herbal finish.

ダークチョコレート 70g

Cacaosuyo CHUNCHO CUZCO 70% Chocolate

“Chuncho” cocoa from the Cuzco region is relatively close to Machu Picchu. This cacao gets its name from the jungle zone in which it grows deep within, Chunchada. Made with only cacao and sugar, the authentic taste of this rare cacao is apparent. Growing deep in the jungle, “Chuncho” beans are some of the finest Peruvian cacao boasting an initial fresh fruit and pleasantly acidic taste, with aromatic notes of citrus and berries. This chocolate is recommended to those who love to indulge in mellow sweet and fruity notes with no sour surprises.

ダークチョコレート 70g

Cacaosuyo PIURA MILK 50% Chocolate

Piura White Cacao, high-quality milk, and a light touch of natural vanilla give this world awarded dark milk chocolate a unique and characteristic flavor profile with a lingering finish of raisins and butterscotch. The “White” beans of Piura have a natural fruity sweetness mellowed by the addition of milk. This bar melts on the palate like rich fudge.

ミルクチョコレート 70g
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