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New product! TOFU MEAT!

TOFU MEAT is a next-generation food ingredient that is delicious and healthy. It is an entirely new product that adapts the “tofu,” Japan’s prized health food, to the trends of the times. The unique recipe and special manufacturing process express “meaty taste” and “meaty texture.” It contains no animal ingredients or alcohol, as well as no defoaming agents.

TOFU MEAT, the next generation of vegetarian, vegan and halal alternative meat and tofu meat.
Tofu is made from 100% domestically grown soybeans with no additives other than bittern (no defoaming agent used), resulting in a traditional tofu with the concentrated flavor of soybeans.

The tofu is processed using proprietary technology to achieve a meat-like texture.

It is seasoned with soy sauce, sugar, and miso to suit Japanese tastes.

meatless meat

TOFU MEAT Original (Plant Based Meat)

Normal type seasoned with additive-free soy sauce, Hatcho miso, and organic brown sugar, this is what TOFU MEAT is all about!

TOFU MEAT Plain (Plant Based Meat)

Plain type with no added seasonings. Recommended for those who are concerned about gluten.

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