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Vegan Cheese. Lab Japan available now for purchase

Vegan Cheese. Lab Japan is now available for purchase at our store. Please try vegan cheese, which can be called a new era of beauty cheese!

Garlic Herbs

Tofu-based spread type. A refreshing Boursin-style cheese with a garlic punch. Herbs are green onions and parsley.


Tomato & Basil

Italian cream cheese with dried tomatoes and basil. It is characterized by its richness that does not seem to be tofu.


Sea Cream Cheese

A nut-based cream cheese, and the only one that is fermented among the four types. The name comes from the fact that it is colored blue with spirulina and the image of the sea is made using aged sun-dried salt containing glasswort.



Nut-based vegan parmesan cheese. Grated cheese with the aroma of nuts.


Basil Sauce

A delicious basil sauce with plenty of vegan parmesan.