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Zodi’s Thunder Sauce is now available for purchase

An original pepper sauce made from homegrown organic habanero peppers. 4 types are now available for purchase—Medium, Hot, Blast, and Giallo. These won't disappoint!


This one is for the people who aren’t used to eating spicy food. We recommend this one for beginners that want to get a taste of our Thunder Sauce!



If you love spicy foods, this one is highly recommended! The perfect balance between the spiciness of habanero and the richness of fresh vegetables.



Extremely spicy! !! !! Do not hesitate to try the blast if you genuinely enjoy a challenge. Most veterans will appreciate the long afterburn that comes with it, which is paired with the surprising kick of strong habanero flavor.



Zodi’s Thunder sauce Giallo LIMITED EDITION

Organically cultivated yellow pepper with plenty of mango and pineapple, paprika, celery, onions, and many other spices to complete the stew for a long time. Finished in an original hot sauce with a fruity sweetness followed by a firm pungent taste.

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