Lavender Focaccia with Edible Flowers

Lavender Focaccia with Edible Flowers

Bread! It’s a symbolic food and in it’s own way is part of the cultural code of the vast majority of nations. With different preparation techniques, variety of flavors, shapes and ingredients, bread baking is a specific ritual, especially in a festive day. For some, making home bread is a cult, and those bread ambassadors seduce more and more enthusiasts for the pleasure of kneading the dough yourself.

Through bread making, and while staying home, today we want to take you to a symbolic journey from Bulgaria, to Italy and South of France. How come? We take flour and lavender blossom from the Bulgarian fields, knead with some Italian tradition and sprinkle the spirit of Provence on top. Voilà! From the oven comes out golden-baked focaccia with lavender, herbs and edible flowers.

Vegan Meatloaf


Why not try making a healthy meatloaf style with tofu meat? This dish is very satisfying by itself because it contains brown rice! It is also recommended as a party menu for Christmas and other occasions.

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Vegan Stuffed Bell Peppers with Tofu Meat

This is a recipe for stuffed bell peppers with the aroma of bell peppers. In fact, it is almost the same recipe as the vegan meatloaf. If you make a lot of it and have leftovers or leftovers, you can remake it into stuffed bell peppers with a little twist! That’s a great way to get rid of food waste!

Vegan Meat Pie


This meat pie made with American pie crust is so easy to make, so please give it a try! It’s so meaty, even meat lovers will love it! Of course, since it is tofu meat and not meat, it is an ethical and healthy meat pie with low calories and high protein.

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