FIELD GOOD Chicken-less Tortilla Roll

The spicy taste of "FIELD GOOD Chicken-less Poppin' Bites" goes perfectly with Mexican tortillas. By changing the vegetables and sauces that are sandwiched together, you can enjoy many different flavors. Feel free to use the ingredients you have in your refrigerator, such as half-used vegetables and a little leftover dressing.
10 minspreparation


2 servings
FIELD GOOD Chicken-less Poppin' Bites tortilla sheet lettuce purple onion purple cabbage avocado lime olives

Let's get started


Shred the leafy greens, slice the avocado, and heat the tortilla sheets in a frying pan.


Cook poppin' chicken bites and roll it on a tortilla sheet with vegetables.


Add olive oil, salt, tabasco, and salsa sauce if desired.

Nutritional information

Calories 254 kcal
※These are estimated values.
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