Spinach, Arugula, and Rose Salad

Mixing this salad, we are searching for perfect harmony between lightness of ingredients and richness of flavors – green freshness, fruity sweetness, some crunchiness and the surprising floral elegance of the rose for a mind blowing final. I know, it might sound complicated but in reality it’s as easy and as natural as upcoming summer. Here how it happens – we are mixing spinach, arugula and carrots in a vitamins cocktail. We are adding also some extras – dried fruits and raw nuts. Then we are putting together a special salad dressing that we are tempted to save by copyrights… and instead we share it here with you. Its major advantage is that it has the super power to surprisingly add that rose flavor to every green leaves salad, all year round.
10 minspreparation

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2 servings
Baby spinach Arugula Carrot Sliced almonds (raw or baked) Dried cranberries For decoration – fresh edible rose petals (ideally from rosa damascena but every garden rose will do, as long as it is not recently treated with chemicals or fertilizers). FOR THE DRESSING: Olive oil Balsamic reduction 1/2 lemon Fresh lemon juice 6 leaves basil leaves 1 tbsp rose jam Salt and pepper to taste

Let's get started


Start with the preparation of the dressing. In a small bowl, mix the rose jam and the lemon juice. Cut finely the basil and add it to the rose jam. Stir well. Add the olive oil and the balsamic reduction, salt and pepper to taste. Stir again and set aside.


Slice the carrot in long thin stripes.


In a big bowl for salad, mix the already washed and strained spinach and arugula leaves. Add the carrot stripes.


Add a handful of dried cranberries and the sliced almonds.


Pour the rose flavored dressing on top and mix carefully using big salad spoons.


o finish, decorate with pre-washed and strained fresh rose petals and serve!

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