3 servings
200 g Tofu meat 1 Green peppers 1 Eggplant 2 blocks Silken tofu 3 tbsp * Salted koji 1 tbsp * Hatcho miso 2 tsp * Doubanjiang 1 tbsp * Ketchup to taste Black pepper 2 tsp Honkuzu 2 tsp Sichuan pepper to taste Sansho to taste Chili threads

Let's get started


Preparation. Boil tofu for 15 minutes. Dissolve seasonings marked with * in a little water and break up the tofu meat. Chop the green pepper and eggplant.


Put a generous 3 tablespoons of oil in a frying pan and fry the chopped pepper and eggplant.


When ② is cooked, add tofu meat and fry.


When ③ is cooked, add seasoning * and stir-fry until all the water is absorbed. If it is not sweet enough, add more sugar or ketchup.


Dissolve the kuzu in water before turning it in. When the mixture thickens, turn off the heat.


Stir in the sichuan pepper and black pepper.


Sprinkle some sansho and chili threads over the top and voila!


Nutritional information

Calories 319 kcal
Carbohydrates 35 g
Sugar 16 g
Sodium 1980 mg
Protein 25 g
Fat 11 g
※These are estimated values.
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