Willicroft Beet Carpaccio With Pesto

15 minspreparation


3 servings
100 g Willicroft Italian Aged 300 g cooked beetroot 60 g spinach 1 sprig dill 1 lemon 1 tbsp hazelnuts (or your favorite seed/nut) 1 small clove garlic 1 tsp nutritional yeast (optional) 4 tbsp Olive oil Salt & pepper 1 tbsp Willicroft Italian Aged for topping

Let's get started


About the pesto: Here we’ll make a dill pesto, but you can make pesto with a lot of herbs, even some zero waste ones like carrot tops. You can also use any nut of your choice and play with different oils as well. I usually add some lemon juice, as it helps the flavors pop and keeps it greener longer in the fridge.


Peel the garlic and squeeze the juice of half the lemon. Combine in a blender, together with the nutritional yeast, dill, spinach, Willicroft Italian Aged, hazelnut, salt, pepper, and 4-8 tbsp of olive oil (depending on if you like it runny like a dressing or thick like a dip). Blend it well but not too long (extra virgin olive oil turns bitter and you don’t want to warm up the herbs).


Chop the beets into 1/2 cm slices and place them on the plate. Drizzle some pesto on top, and add Willicroft Italian Aged plus more nuts, seeds, lemon juice, and greens on top.

Nutritional information

Calories 426 kcal
Carbohydrates 28 g
Sugar 12 g
Sodium 205 mg
Protein 11 g
Fat 39 g
※These are estimated values.
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