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Repour Wine Saver – How To Use / FAQ

How To Use Repour. Simple steps to fresher wine:

General Use:

Each Repour stopper will preserve one 720/750ml bottle of wine or sake.

Remove the foil tab and place it in the open bottle. Repour starts removing the oxygen from the bottle.

Each time you pour a glass simply remove repour and replace the same repour on the bottle. Repour is so effective at removing oxygen you may find that you need to swirl the wine in your glass a few times to allow it to open up like you would with a freshly opened bottle.

Bottles using Repour should be stored upright.

PLEASE NOTE: Repour is activated by removing the foil tab; it immediately begins to absorb oxygen and continues to do so as long as oxygen is present or until the contents of the repour are used up. Always keep an unsealed Repour in the bottle when not pouring wine so it continues to absorb oxygen from the wine – not from the air in the room, which will shorten the effectiveness period of the repour!

Repour ワインセーバー 使い方

Tips for Inshokuten Use:

Bottles newly opened during service don’t need Repour put on them right away. Because some newly opened bottles may be fully consumed within a few hours, Its is recommended to wait until the close of service and then apply repour only to the remaining bottles containing leftover wine. This way you can make sure that repour is not wasted on bottles on which they were not necessary.

If a bottle has a Repour on it from a previous day(s), continue to close it with the same stopper.

Repour ワインセーバー


Can I use Repour for more than one bottle?

Repour was designed to absorb the oxygen from one 750 ml bottle of wine or sake, enjoyed glass-by-glass. If you move it to a second bottle, it may lose its oxygen-absorbing capacity before you finish the bottle. As a rule of thumb, when your bottle is empty, so is Repour.

Can I lay a bottle on its side when it has a Repour in it?

Since air needs to pass through the packet in order for the stopper to work, the introduction of moisture from laying a bottle on its side will render Repour ineffective. There is nothing harmful in the sachet, and nothing enters the wine, so there is no danger in drinking it. Depending on how long the bottle has been without Repour’s absorption capabilities though, there may still be oxygen in the bottle which has degraded it.

Does Repour change the taste or aroma of the wine or sake?

Testing on red, white, and rose wines by winemakers, sommeliers, and other wine professionals indicate both taste and aroma are unaffected by Repour’s technology.

Do I need to let my wine “open up” again once I return for another glass?

Because Repour so effectively reduces the oxygen from the air above the wine and from the wine itself, we have found it can be helpful to allow a moment for the wine to open up again when returning for another glass. A simple swirl does the trick.

What is the shelf life of an unused Repour?

A minimum of two years with no loss of function.

Does Repour work on sparkling wine?

Repour works on sparkling wine as it removes the oxygen with no impact on the CO2, but the pressure inside the bottle can cause it to pop off the top. We know of people who are using it on sparkling wines now, but we don’t endorse that use due to the risk of it popping off the bottle. We’re working on a fixture that will securely hold Repour on a bottle so it can be used with no concern. Stay tuned!

How do I know if my bottle is securely stopped and Repour is working?

Repour is designed to fit 99% of bottle neck diameters. To ensure a proper seal, give repour a firm push into the bottle.

Should I refrigerate my opened wine in an effort to further reduce deterioration?

With Repour, refrigeration is not needed to slow deterioration. If you want to refrigerate your wine, go ahead; it will not interfere with Repour’s ability to perfectly preserve your wine.

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