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Strawlific – FAQ

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Strawlific - FAQ
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Why should I choose Strawlific over other brands?

According to YNI JAPAN Co. Ltd., (The company behind the Strawlific brand), both Strawlific “Standard” and “Premium” meet the industry’s highest quality and safety standards, making Strawlific one of the leading brands in the natural straws production industry.

What is the difference between Strawlific Standard and Strawlific Premium?

The difference is in size rather than quality. Strawlic straws are cut from Sedge grass. The Premium straws are cut from the bottom of the sedge grass, which delivers a slightly bigger, sturdier straw in comparison to the Standard straws, which are cut from the middle of the sedge grass. (Please check product details for the size specifics)

Are Strawlific straws safe to use for children?

Are Strawlific straws safe to use for children?

Yes, Strawlific straws are safe for children to use. We always recommend parents’ supervision for children younger than five years old using any kind of straw.

Are Strawlific straws reusable?

Strawlific straws are only meant to be used once and to be disposed of after use. However, some creatives out there have given the old straws a second life by creating art with them.

students of strawlific

How to dispose of the Strawlific straws

Strawlific straws are 100% natural,
which means that you can throw them with burnable trash or make compost out of them.

What is the shelf life of Strawlific straws?

It is recommended to use Strawlific straws within 18 months of the production date.
You can find this date written on the packaging.
It is also recommended to store the straws in a dry and dark space to keep the quality optimal.

Do the Strawlific straws have an odor?

When opening a fresh pack of straws, you will undoubtedly be greeted with the typical smell of dried grass.

Do the Strawlific straws have any flavors?

The Strawlific straws contain a slight grass flavor which you might notice when either chewing on the straws or using it for drinking lukewarm water.

Tips for best use:

When serving drinks with a Strawlific straw, we recommend putting the straw in the drink before serving. This gives the straw a few seconds extra to regain its natural flexibility properties, improving the customer experience.

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