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Fukuoka’s Little Italy

The story of Tenuta Campi Flegrei

Near the coastline of Fukutsu-shi, there are many farms, of which one is a little different from all the other farms. The farm is called “Tenuta Campi Flegrei,” run by an Italian farmer and his Japanese wife. Since the early 2000s, they have been growing a wide variety of Italian vegetables.

Meet Silvio

Silvio Carannante, originally from Naples, Italy, is a well-known name among the Italian community in Japan. He has successfully grown his little farm and influence through hard work and dedication.

Fukuoka's Little Italy
Fukuoka's Little Italy

Through his success, he has remained a simple and hands-on man. Silvio takes care of his crops and animals personally while also managing the restaurant’s kitchen and performing other business-related tasks.

Fukuoka's Little Italy

Partner and wife

As mentioned, Silvio is not alone in his success. undoubtedly, he would not have come as far without his wife, Ms. Ai Hanada. While Silvio is working on the land, Ai will be busy arranging business meetings, performing administrative tasks, creating marketing opportunities, and managing the restaurant floor. She truly is a hardworking and dedicated business owner.

Sustainability and quality

Silvio Carannante and Ai Hanada opened their restaurant A Putec Flego about 4 years ago.
This beautiful Italian restaurant is a renovated farmhouse, decorated with old farming tools referring back to their roots. And with the self-made furniture, this restaurant gives you a real authentic vibe.

As you can see, this restaurant isn’t just an ordinary Italian cuisine restaurant. Everything they use is will also be recycled by composting and separation.

Experience = Support

The best way to support Tenuta Campi Flegrei is by experiencing their delicious food yourself. In addition to booking a seat at the restaurant, you can purchase their products in their retail shop inside the restaurant. Or, if Fukutsu is a bit too far for you, try ordering a few products from our web store here.

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