Strawlific “Sedgy” All Natural Straw 100 straws (Premium)

From ¥2,640 incl. tax

x1 ¥2,640 ¥2,640/boxx6 ¥15,048 ¥2,508/boxx20 ¥47,520 ¥2,376/box

Storage and usage

A premium natural straw with outstanding shape and strength, taken from the place closest to the root of the most lively sedge plants. Hotels, restaurants and bars that emphasize both visuals and functionality will bring smiles to customers and reduce garbage at the same time.

A maverick in the straw world.

100% biodegradable. 100% natural.


No pesticides, no additives. No preservatives used.

It is light and can be drunk with the same feeling as a conventional straw.

You can use it as you like, from cocktails to juices, and finally it becomes compost and fertilizer.

Besides restaurants, it is perfect for various events such as parties and barbecues.

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Strawlific – FAQ
“What is a strawlific !?” Introducing a natural straw
Ingredients100% all natural grey sedge
Eco labels100% Natural, Biodegradable
Usage labelsSingle use
Shelf life18ヶ月以内
Storage and handling直射日光、高温多湿を避けてください。
Type of product天然菅(すげ)レピロニア・アルチキュラタ
Volume100 straws
Product weight140g
Product dimensions
ManufacturerYNI Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Country of originVietnam
Labels, certifications, awardsJFRL、EMI-TUV-SUD
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
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