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The story of Willicroft

The story from Willicroft founder Brad Vanstone———————————

In 1957 my grandparents moved to Willicroft Farm in Devon with one tractor, 12 cows and a pack of cigarettes as my Grandpa happily recalls.

The story of Willicroft

They built their farm from the ground up to help ‘feed the nation’ after the Second World War. Willicroft grew into one of the most respected farms in Devon. Their animals lived long healthy lives, had plenty of room too graze, and a loving family taking care of them.

The story of Willicroft
The story of Willicroft

From personal experience, I’m aware that the bulk of farmers are some of the most charitable, intelligent, and hardworking people. But even the happiest cows still have a negative impact on the environment, putting our planet at risk for future generations. With the wealth of information now available to us about dairy farmings contribution to the warming of the planet, the time has come for a modern take on farming.

In 2017, I started to eat a predominately plant-based diet. I realised that if I could change one thing, it was making conscious decisions about the food I ate.
The quality of meat and milk replacements made the transition pretty easy but nothing came close to replacing cheese. What began as a pet project at home has become our reason for existence.

Much like my grandparents back in 1957, we’re also addressing one of the greatest issues facing humanity today – the warming of our planet. We’re reimagining how we consume cheese. The mission is different, but the keys to success the same – dedication, partnerships, and real love and passion for what we’re doing.

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