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The Strawlific story

About YNI and Strawlific

YNI Vietnam was established in March 2019.

Since April 2019, it started manufacturing the Sedge straw “Sedgy” under the brand name “Strawlific”.

YNI Japan was then established in December 2020.

The Strawlific story

The YNI story

We started YNI Vietnam in April 2019 with hopes of doing some good and feeling good about it.

Oh, and the ambitious aim of becoming the leading organic straw producer and supplier of the world.

The nucleus of this startup was a combination of three main factors.

– The growing awareness about plastic pollution and the consequent change in regulations.

– The sheer volume of straw consumption — somewhere between one and two billion per day globally.

– And the geographical location — beautiful southern Vietnam where all fundamental conditions are provided.

Behind the names

YNI (You Name It)

Starting as a whim, and then an inside joke, this name stayed as a reminder for us to always aim big.

“You name it. We make it “

In reality it is nature that makes it. We just make it a little easier for humans to use. And since we are inseparable from nature, the name has come to also encompass that unity.


Straw + prolific. The grey sedge, the first plant we had come across, the star of the show, grows fast and abundant and we hope that one day it will be as prolific a straw as it is a plant.

The Strawlific story
The Strawlific story

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