TOFU MEAT Plain (Plant Based Meat) 250g

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Plain type with no added seasonings. Recommended for those who are concerned about gluten *250g trial type

TOFU MEAT, the next generation of vegetarian, vegan and halal alternative meat and tofu meat.
Tofu is made from 100% domestically grown soybeans with no additives other than bittern (no defoaming agent used), resulting in a traditional tofu with the concentrated flavor of soybeans.

The tofu is processed using proprietary technology to achieve a meat-like texture.

Recommended for those who are avoiding soy sauce due to gluten concerns, or for those who are concerned about soy sauce flavor in non-Japanese menus.

Because it is a frozen type, it does not require time and effort to rehydrate, and can be loosened and used immediately in just the amount needed.

It can be used in vegetarian, vegan, and halal menus, as well as for athletes. It can also be used in menus for people who cannot eat meat due to diabetes or other conditions.

Nutritional facts
Per value 100g
Energy (calories) 206kcal
Total fat 12.1g
Total carbohydrates 2.3g
Protein 23.1g
Total salt 0.01g
Product details
IngredientsTofu (100% domestic soybeans, defoamer is not used), tofu coagulant
Allergy informationSoy
Japans 28 allergy itemsSoy
Dietary labelsVegan, Gluten free, Halal
Usage labelsKeep frozen
Storage and handling冷凍(-18℃以下)
Product information
Type of product大豆の肉
Product dimensions
Country of originJapan
Prefecture of originFukuoka
Additional information
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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