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Organic certified

What is the meaning of organic? Organic refers to agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, and the processing methods that make use of the blessings of nature such as the sun, water, land, and living things, without relying on pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

100 percent organic


RSPO has two types of certification systems.

The first is “P & C certification”, which is based on the principles and criteria (Principle & Criteria) set by RSPO to determine whether sustainable production is being carried out for farms and oil mills.

The other is to certification requirements set by RSPO are met for the manufacturing, processing, and distribution processes (supply chains) that handle products that use palm oil produced by the above certification system. Supply chain certification (SCCS certification) “.

Each organization that handles the product is evaluated over the full process until the final product is completed. This includes trading companies and processors that purchase certified palm oil, and manufacturers that manufacture products, which are subject to SCCS certification.

RSPO 1080x


GMO stands for “genetically modified organism.” The definition of what it means to be genetically modified is hotly debated still, but when you see something labeled as non-GMO, it usually means that the genetic makeup of the plants and animals used in the product has not been altered for the purposes of food production. Non-GMO products don’t rely on altering something at the genetic level to bring it to your store shelves.



It is a WWF licensed product with the WWF logo mark on various products. One of the characteristics of new products is that they contribute to society, and part of the sales is used to fund WWF activities.



Fairtrade is a system of certification that aims to ensure a set of standards are met in the production and supply of a product or ingredient. For farmers and workers, Fairtrade means workers’ rights, safer working conditions, and fairer pay. For shoppers, it means high-quality, ethically produced products.

green fairtrade