Vegan Cheese. Lab Parmesan (Plant Based Cheese) 50g

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Allergy warnings

Nut-based vegan parmesan cheese. Grated cheese with the aroma of nuts.

Examples of use

  • It’s delicious no matter what you sprinkle on, such as salads, pasta, soups and curries.
  • As it is nut-based, it can be added to yogurt or used as a topping for smoothies and ice cream.
  • Eat it as it is or use it as a snack.


Please contact us for business/restaurant use.

Nutritional facts
Per value 100g
Energy (calories) 549kcal
Total fat 41.8g
Total carbohydrates 27.6g
Protein 24g
Total salt 3g
Product details
IngredientsCashew nuts, aged sun-dried salt, nutritional yeast
Allergy informationNuts
Japans 28 allergy itemsCashew nuts
Dietary labelsVegan
Storage and handling直射日光、高温多湿を避けてください。
Product information
Type of productヴィーガンチーズ
Product weight180g
Product dimensions
Length 6
Width 6
Height 8.5
ManufacturerVegan Cheese. Lab
Country of originJapan
Prefecture of originFukuoka
Additional information
Weight 0.219 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8.5 cm
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