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Willicroft – 100% vegan cheese from the Netherlands!

Starting March 2022, we will start shipping Willicroft plant-based cheeses to Japan from the Netherlands. Willicroft’s products are a popular item that is routinely purchased at major supermarkets in the Netherlands. These cheeses serve a large community of anyone who wants to enjoy the taste of cheese without the environmental impact of dairy cheese. Willicroft is especially popular among vegans and those who can’t consume dairy products. The product lineup is as follows.

The product lineup is as follows.

Willicroft Italian Aged Plant-based Parmesan alternative

This cheese is made from cashew nuts, garlic, and nutritional yeast (natural yeast), adding a rich flavor and intense aroma. The result? A 100% vegan Parmesan cheese. Its best used when you want to add a rich texture and deep flavors of cheese to your meal. Well-suited examples are pasta and salads.

Willicroft Greek White / Plant-based Feta alternative

This vegan cheese is made from white beans, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar. Greek White has a creamy flavor and the acidity of actual cheese. It has a crumbled texture, and when you eat it for the first time, you can only think of it as a real feta cheese!

The Greek White is well suited for a classic Greek salad with cucumbers, black olives, and tomatoes. When using this plant-based feta cheese, apply the same principles as when handling traditional feta cheese. While great for baking and delicious in salads, it is less suited for melting on toast or frying in a pan. It is best enjoyed straight from the package.

In Japan, we are witnessing a growing awareness of the dairy industry’s environmental impact on our ecosystems and our personal contribution to it. Japanese have also become increasingly conscious about what they eat and how it affects their health. Demand for vegans in Japan is expected to increase in the future. With this trend, we also see an increasing group of people calling themselves vegan and businesses attempting to serve them by providing plant-based dishes. If you consider offering vegan options on your menu, Willicroft’s plant-based cheeses are an excellent ingredient and definitely worth your consideration.
We are currently preparing to import from the Netherlands to deliver you the plant-based cheese, made for diary cheese lovers. So please look forward to it!
You can pre-order your Willicroft today and receive a 10% discount!
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